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A3Ple is an SME focused collaborative project funded by the European Community's 7th Framework Programme under grant agreement n° 262782 (APPLE).

Results of A3PLe project: Public information from A3Ple periodic reports are available on bubble "documentation".

5th February 2015 – A3Ple consortium at LOPEC in March

The consortium agreed to be present at LOPEC 2015 (http://www.lope-c.com/), Munich, March. For the last year project, the planned dissemination actions are:

-       A3Ple Final conference is public and will take place on 4th at LOPEC building

-       Demonstrators will be presented at OE-A booth. A3Ple project apply to public funding price !

And, three partners will have their own booths:

-       Felix Schoeller will present the poster of the demonstrator 2

-       Varta will show A3Ple poster and newsletters

-       ICS will present their visual inspection video.

Looking forward to meeting you in Munich!

25th April 2013 – A3Ple consortium at LOPE-C in June

The consortium agreed to be present at LOPE-C 2013 (http://www.lope-c.com/), Munich, June 2013, making use of a booth of some partners that are already members of OE-A.

-Felix Schoeller, will have his own booth.

-CTP will present it last results on resistor at poster session.

The consortium also applied for the demonstrator contest, using Demo 1 to enter the competition. A3Ple DEMO 1 samples, presented into the first newsletter of A3Ple consortium, will be presented on the OE-A booth:

-Rolls of Demo 1 label: first printing steps and transformation step into label 

-Hybrid-demo 1 will be available to interact with the public


19th January 2012 - M18 Review: Samples make their show for European commission

After 18 months project, A3PLE consortium has presented  during one day our results to European Commission. To illustrate in concrete terms our works, all partners provide for samples that were organized on a big table (see picture). Papers, inks, components made at lab scale and industrial printing were presented!  

26th June 2012 - A3Ple Meetings: plenary and gastronomic sessions!

One year after the kick off meeting, A3Ple partners met 3 times for plenary sessions. After scientific part of the meeting, we enjoy the "gastronomic point of view" of the host country. Photos tour of group cohesion:


1 - LYON (RGP)








Typical cooked offel and Chartreuse ice cream!





UNL labs for PVD                                          Woking Group




See food and sweet cakes for diners




Lunch and meeting at Funicular's restaurant in the mountains.


17th May 2011 - Kick off meeting as starting point!

The A3Ple kick off meeting took place on May 17, 2011.Project objectives and management structure were discussed. The Members of the Consortium bodies were designated. The A3Ple website was presented and the date of the next meeting decided. There is no doubt that a great enthusiasm from all attendees was shown throughout the day as shown on the A3Ple team picture below! A good sign for the next 4 years !


1st April 2011 - An ambitious project for Smart Paper

Electronic paper is based on wood and recycled fibres and is renewable and biodegradable material. Paper arrival on organic or printing electronics answers to European directive (REACH) and wants to minimize environmental impact. The A3Ple project will also open new opportunities for the paper and printing industries to high value added products. For long term, the project aims at paving the way for further development of flexible low-cost manufacturing processes...

A3Ple project will develop a new generation of smart paper which interacts with users to give information from their environment. 3 new demonstrators for target applications will be followed from elementary tools control:

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